2022 Photography Trends

As time goes on, culture changes and with it many aspects of what is popular such as the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, elements of home design, and even the way that we want our professional photos taken for big life events.

Here Are Some of the Biggest Photo Trends for 2022

High Drama

High drama gives an interesting punch of impact to photos. These eye-catching and stunning images are highly popular, especially where wedding photography is concerned. Many of the most popular high drama photos are taken in a natural setting but with the most dramatic of elements still having a high degree of editing.

High drama photos often include something that almost doesn’t look real, a striking or unusual color, a super close zoom in, dramatically editing and focusing on a beautiful natural element like a colorful sky, elements with high contrast like color on a black-and-white background, stunning lighting effects, and elements that are emphasized to be bigger or seem much bigger than real life.


The same bright colors that are dominating clothing design and home design right now are coming into the world of photos. Color can be used in many different ways in photography including backgrounds, foregrounds, and bright accents to help draw interest and attention.

Solo Outdoor Photos

With the pandemic creating a need to more safely take part in activities, many more people went on outdoor adventures. This has created a high demand for outdoor photos of those adventures. These include images of breathtaking hikes, impressive and challenging feats, bike adventures, or people just getting to bucket-list destinations in the great outdoors.

Subtle Filters

We can all agree that social media has a huge impact on the type of photography that people currently love especially where Instagram is concerned. Now that subtle filters are being widely used, they have made their way into other types of photography as well.

The most popular use of the subtle filter trend includes softening the light in images to allow for more of a color cast. It brings about an almost muted tone and creates a softer feel to an image.

Rustic Backgrounds

Backgrounds that have a natural and unpolished appeal can set the scene for highlighting your main focus in a photo. It gives a simple yet still interesting backdrop that allows the foreground and the main focus to shine through.

Some of the most popular rustic background materials include rock elements, wood grain, grass, trees, stumps, or logs.

Birds Eye View

With more and more drones being used many of them are being used as cameras for stunning photos. Many more images with a birds-eye overhead view are being used across several different photography genres. One area this is gaining popularity includes real estate listing photos.

Authentic Imagery

There is a higher demand to have portraits taken that give an authentic feel like they were just snapped to capture a moment. A photo that feels like it has not been overly edited and retouched or had a ton of effects added into it. Just a good classic simple photo.


Silhouettes used to be highly popular and they have returned to photo trends for 2022. There are new updated ways in which to create trendy silhouette photos. Many of today’s silhouettes feature a close-up of a person framed in light or wide-angle scenes where the background sort of becomes the focal point full of color and detail while the person serves as a foreground accent.

Photography trends change over the years but the basics stay the same. For eye-catching photos this year, try a few of these new and exciting trends.

Post Author: Kailyn Jay