5 Best Apps to Help in Your Photography Business

Photographers have a very unique job and it can be tough at times. A wildlife photographer may have to visit the most dangerous places on earth such as exploring wildlife filled forests. A commercial photographer needs to figure out the best studio environment for his shoots.

Photographers are not efficient with invoicing, optimizing the workflow and other ways of business aside from their main skill of photography. There are several online apps that can help you deal with these problems such as by helping you optimize your workflow and managing your money more easily.

These apps work as well for photography as NetBet works for online betting. If you have amazing photography skills but don’t have any idea on how to use different platforms to boost your photography business, then this article is for you. Listed below are 5 of the best apps that can definitely help you boost your photography business.

1.   Dubsado

One of the best CRM systems, Dubsado has a user-friendly interface with several important in-built functions. You can build your client list, track their engagement details and access any project at any time.

You can use various email templates, and photography packages, and integrate the track of meetings with your Google calendar. Additionally, you can create user agreements, contracts and releases within the app and send it to relevant people.

2.   BlinkBid

For commercial photographers, this photography studio management app is a must so that you can estimate your expenses and manage your budget. Moreover, you can manage production lines and item catalogs. You can also produce general reports, share jobs and all handle other operations that would otherwise be time-consuming.

If you’re not certain whether to commit to it, you can use it for a duration of 14-days without having to pay anything.

3.   Google Earth

It is the job of photographers to explore the most hidden places on earth and they can often get lost doing their job. This app will help you keep track of your explorations.

Google Earth can be used to see a satellite view of any place on the earth. The astonishing details of the terrains, oceans floor and famous landmarks make this app completely worth it for photographers especially when planning out their explorations.

4.   Buffer

In this era of technology, everyone is well aware that the presence of any business on social media platforms is necessary for its success. However, running your social media profiles can be a hectic task.

Buffer is the best app to keep the customer engagement to the maximum through social media content. The app will suggest the best timings for your post and you can direct the app to post certain content on your desired time.

With its free version, you can schedule ten future posts on Buffer. You can also buy it for just $10 to schedule up 10 posts every month for up to 10 social media accounts.

5.   Trello

This app was specifically designed for the creative minds, just like those of photographers. You can share spreadsheets, emails and other content with your team by using this app. The day-to-day activities can also be posted on Trello to keep the whole team on one page.

Any updates or notifications will reach you the whole time instantly, allowing the workflow to remain smooth.

Post Author: Kailyn Jay