Celebrating Birth: A Guide to Choosing a Photographer

Choosing a photographer for your birth is one of the most important decisions you will make. Birth photography captures an emotional and intimate moment in time, and it’s important to find someone like Lisa Phillips Photo who not only shares your values but also understands how to capture these moments. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you need to know before choosing a photographer, as well as some questions that can help guide you when narrowing down options.

It’s all about capturing the right moment

For the mother-to-be, hiring a birth photographer is another important decision to make. This person will be responsible for capturing the most special and treasured moments of this time in your life, so it’s vital that you choose someone who understands how to do just that. The photos will essentially capture the most magical time of the miracle of birth.

Even though many women may not think about hiring a birth photographer until after they have given birth, it’s never too early to consider what type of images you want from this special moment. Whether or not you pursue professional documentation, having some sort of visual record as part of an album makes these first days even more precious as those memories fade over time.

In fact, if there are any family members unable to attend the actual event due to distance or travel restrictions – such as grandparents or loved ones living in another country – having these photographs can help them feel more connected to the experience, which in turn adds an extra layer of meaning.

The new trend

Birth photography is a relatively new and growing trend as it’s become far more acceptable for women to document their entire births rather than just capturing the moment they first meet their baby. There are so many special moments during this time that should not be missed or forgotten, such as

  • The mother’s face as she experiences her first contraction
  • The initial meeting between mom and dad when they see each other for the first time after giving birth (and those raw emotions!)
  • A kiss from mom that shows how much she loves her newborn child

Choosing a photographer who that documentation isn’t about replicating the classical poses of portrait photography, but more about embracing your true self. Birth is a time when nothing needs to be done perfectly or with poise – it’s all about being in the moment and living it fully. It is an important step to choosing the right timing and settings.


Birth photographers must have excellent communication skills as they are required to offer guidance throughout labor so that mom can feel safe knowing her photographer has everything under control during this exciting yet challenging time. Moms should look for someone who isn’t afraid of getting hands-on… literally!

It may seem strange at first, especially if you’ve never given birth before, but having an experienced person guide you through contractions really helps reduce fear by keeping things moving forward smoothly even though mom might not want to.

Post Author: Kailyn Jay