How to Keep Your Camera and Equipment Safe When You Are Traveling

Travel photography is another emerging aspect of photography that focuses on photography that people do while they are traveling. This includes capturing some mesmerizing and beautiful views of mountains, beaches, streets, architecture, and other things to do and see in a country. Its purpose is to bring the world closer to the people and provide them with information about the views a country has and its cultural heritage, and other unique things to offer.

To get this done, travel photographers around the world invest a lot of money in their equipment and the trips as well. Many of these trips are sponsored and some businesses arrange for photographers to travel around and click pictures for them. This might sound like something fun to do, but in reality, it is a lot of work as travel photographers often have to camp in the open air for days and weeks to capture the perfect moment.

Also, the equipment they use needs to be on point in order to perform effectively and get them the results that they want. You can take the example of different videographers and photographers who you might see on National Geographic, Discovery, and other channels. These people are expert individuals and teams who plan their trips and have the right and updated equipment to work with.

You can have a look at the things to do and get inspiration from their work by watching these channels offered by Spectrum Select Channels. This way you might create a passion for traveling and photography. Since the cameras and other gear these people travel with are very expensive, they have to protect their equipment at any cost. Here are a few things that photographers can do to ensure the safety of their gadgets.

Carry a Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are always life-savers when you have to walk in the streets or in a crowded place in a busy city. Carrying a bigger bag with you in such a place can become a problem as these can be opened behind your back.

You can hide your camera discretely from people around you and keep an eye on your equipment as well. There are different stylish options that you can find on Amazon that come with a padded interior. Also, make sure you have zip and clasp to make opening the bag without getting undetected.

Get Padded Cases

Always carry two bags with you. One could be a backpack that can carry everything that you might need on your trip and the second bag should be your day bag that needs to be padded heavily. If you have to move around more frequently, carrying a poor-quality bag will not only make your movement uncomfortable but will also not provide protection to your gear.

A good-quality padded case is often waterproof and has a very secure design and material in it is structure. These padded cases do not let your equipment get damaged due to water spills, rainy weather, moisture, and damage caused by bumping and falling.

Do Not Reveal the Brand of Your Camera

It might feel really awesome to get yourself a brand new camera. The shine and scratchless body of the gear makes things look classier. However, the same thing can attract thieves and people around you who might have theft intentions for your gadgets. So, when you are out on a trip or expedition, it is a good idea to hide your camera’s and other equipment’s brand name using black duct tape.

Also, it is a good idea to get rid of the manufacturer’s strap as well, as the brand name and model are mentioned in very prominent letters on the strap. It is also a good idea to put the same duct tape on your camera bag, as many brands mention their logo on the bag as well. Look out for other ways to hide the identification of your camera.

Keep Your Camera Clean

There are all kinds of places that you are supposed to travel to as a photographer. This means that it can include deserts, polluted cities, waterbeds, and other places. This is one of the major reasons why you are supposed to protect your camera, lenses, and other equipment clean from all kinds of debris, water drops, moisture, and fragments of soil and dust.

The most sensitive goods in this regard can be your lenses that are not airtight and have to zoom in and zoom out when you are taking a picture. This allows air and dust to enter inside the lens or camera and spoil your shot. To avoid this from happening, keep your lens covered and clean them regularly. This way they will get you better results and will last longer as well.


In the end, one can say that your camera gear is very delicate and photographers earn a living or fulfill a hobby with this gear. So, you must keep them safe at all times. It is a wise approach to ensure the safety of your equipment as this can compensate for the theft, loss, or damage of your gadgets and will help you continue your tasks and trips. For this, take down all serial numbers, and get insurance for your equipment.


Post Author: Kailyn Jay