Maternity Photoshoots- Why You Should Do It

No doubt that being pregnant is one of the most beautiful chapters of her life but it also comes with a lot of discomforts. While some moms are blessed with luxurious locks, radiant skin, and a beautiful baby bump, some also have stretch marks, mood swings, swollen ankles, and whatnot. Since most expectant mothers don’t look forward to feeling their best, there’s a huge question on whether they should do even do a maternity shoot or not. What’s worse is the feeling of comparison. With the emergence of social media trends, a lot of moms feel like they can never keep up with the standards of beauty and perfection.

But honestly speaking, you don’t always have to feel that way. You could enjoy your pregnancy and make it one of the most beautiful experiences of your life if you take the right maternity photos. You can enjoy your body, flaunt your baby bump while documenting this journey and have something to cherish when years pass by. On that note, here’s a look at why every mom-to-be should get a maternity photoshoot done.

A Chance To Celebrate

Pregnancy isn’t always exciting and fun, especially when you’re just a couple of months away from giving birth. As your body grows bigger, you wouldn’t want to take your pictures taken and probably avoid sharing them with family and friends. It could also be challenging to see your body go through so many changes and forget all the good parts of it. But having a maternity shoot is the biggest gamechanger here. It allows you to focus on your new body, your new experience, and the fresh new chapter you are about to step into. Instead of focusing on the way you appear, you could find excitement and joy in the anticipation of bringing a baby into the world.

You’re Going To Miss The Bump One Day

Mommies always tend to complain during their pregnancy and of course, the reasons for that are quite valid. The frequent heartburns and sleepless nights are quite a painful experience for anyone about to deliver. But that’s not it. As time goes by and you hold your baby in your arms and eventually watch them grow, there will come a time when you will want to go back in time and experience the joy of having a baby bump. The truth is, even though pregnancy is a tough experience, something about it is also magical. You feel connected to the baby more than at anytime else. Once you are done with it, chances are you will wander into nostalgia lane and remember those good moments you had as a mom. Having maternity photos will help you look back on the good old days and the magical time you had with your little one. You’ll always have a smile on your face when you see such beautiful pictures of yourself.

Strengthens Your Bond

While being pregnant causes tension in relationships at times, due to mood swings and financial pressures, you can make up for it by keeping your eyes fixed on the bigger picture. Taking maternity pics with your partner is a wonderful way to improve your body and celebrate the newness of life. It is also a chance to document the dynamics that are changing in your family and spend some quality time together. A lot of dads experience delays in bonding with their kids. This could make it harder for the dad to build an attachment with their kids.

Getting a nice maternity photoshoot done could be a chance for dads to build an emotional bond with their kids. Helping your kid bond with the infant will help you re-establish a good connection. If this is not your first baby, you could bring your other baby to your maternity shoot too. Several siblings also find it hard to adjust with kids in the family. Taking pictures with the pregnant mother will help them realize that a new member is going to come.

Cool Way To Reveal Gender

Some of you moms must be super excited to share the news of your baby or at least the gender of it. Having a nice maternity shoot could be a nice chance to take some nice photos and share this wonderful piece of news with the whole world. With ample ideas available on Pinterest, you could pick any cool idea to include one the shoot and make your big reveal even more special.

It’s Worth Every Penny

Since a lot of moms find it hard to spend a lot of money on themselves, especially if they have tight budgets to consider. Maternity pictures can be a tad bit expensive. There are way too many talented photographers everywhere in your area so make sure you find the right people who have knowledge and experience to guide you through it. Getting some good pictures for a good price by reaching out to your family and friends is also a good price you can consider.

Professional shoots are a lot better than personal

Yes, taking images at home can be quite a cumbersome process, especially if you are getting them done by a family member or friend. That’s why it’s better to find a good maternity photographer. They have the right effects, focus, depth which could transform what would be just a shot for you otherwise. It could be a story, work of art, feeling, etc. You may also prepare some images you would like to get printed and give them a perfect finish that won’t just impress your family and friends but also create a nice treasure for yourself. Maternity photoshoot Noida and Delhi studios also have the best photographers you can meet.

Chance to bond with siblings

If you have kids, here’s a chance to make them feel a bit special. You could include them in your shoot. Them kissing and hugging your belly and showing their love to you or the baby could make you feel comfortable while taking pictures. Some children also feel apprehensive while welcoming changes, so this could be a good time to change things around. Having the best pregnancy photos with your kids will add fun and excitement to your photos.

Becoming a mom for the first time? Here are some tips you can try to rock your 1st maternity shoot

Plan things ahead

A lot of photographers generally prefer to book somewhere between 2-6 months because they are so occupied with what they do. Experts suggest that booking between 2-3 months ahead is a great time to get things done smoothly and in order. Doing it last minute is not a good idea not just for the mother but also the newborn and the mommy as it can get quite time-sensitive. Some of the best maternity photoshoot Noida agencies shall be able to help you out in the process.

Book your style

Pick a photographer who has a professional website along with several maternity portfolios that goes well with your style. What’s your type? Traditional, photojournalism, fine art? Or do you prefer modern, quirky, or classic? Is it outdoors that you prefer or indoors? Make sure you ask yourself how you feel about this choice a couple of years down the road. One of the biggest perks of photography is that you can relive your best moments even if they become old memories. Some of the best cities for shoots include maternity photoshoots Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon and more.

Try to personalize things

You could also bring in a few props. Pinterest offers you various ideas. Or you should simply take some suggestions from maternity photoshoot Noida studios. They will help you come up with the best ideas and shots.

Prepare yourself a bit ahead

Make sure you are saving enough time while trying to get ready. Don’t let yourself feel stressed and rushed during this process. If you are going for this with your loved one, do ensure you’re always talking and thinking about the baby. It will smoothen the process for you. This is also a wonderful time for reflection, especially if you are in the mood.


Getting a maternity photoshoot done should be a priority for every mother. When you get pictures taken, you give your child a nice glimpse of the world that they have never seen for themselves. Not just that, parents have something to look back and cherish as a result of this. Getting a shoot done is physical proof of how happy and excited you were to spend time with them.

Even though this process is hard to envision, time does pass quickly and there will be a time when you will miss the phase when you were pregnant and looked gorgeous in that baby bump. Having beautiful captures will put a smile on your face and strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

In short, maternity photoshoots are an excellent gift you can give your children, husband, and of course, yourself in the future. It will be something the whole family will cherish for a lifetime.

Post Author: Kailyn Jay