Tips to Make Your Photos Look Better

We all know that having a professional photographer take a picture is going to be much better than doing it ourselves. But not everyone can afford to pay a professional photographer to follow them around all the time and capture every moment we deem photo-worthy. For example, while on vacation or at a child’s school or sporting event.

What can we do for those moments we want to capture in “everyday” life that we do not have a professional on hand for? How can we make our pictures look more high quality?

Here are some tips for taking better photos that you can practice on your own.

Focus on the subject

All too often when snapping a photo, we forget to keep it simple and really focus on the main subject of the photo. So many times, we want to capture other details, but really those other details can make a photo feel cluttered with distraction and keep the viewer from enjoying what the intended focus was in the first place.

Most often these distractions are seen at the edges of the picture frame. Make sure that your main focus really is your main focus and let go of all the extras. – says Pam Pester, Tampa Commercial Realtor®

Make your focus subject clearer by zooming in

Make sure not to choose too many subjects at once. Once you have decided on the center of your attention, try to get in just a little bit tighter on that focus. Of course, if you are using a low-quality phone camera, this may not work. If you are using a good quality regular camera it is almost hard to zoom in too tight.

Zooming in will help the camera to realize its main focus and bring a clear and crisp image to the photo of your focused individual or object. – says Utah Real Estate Expert Kris Larson


We’re not talking about those fun things to play around with on Instagram or Snapchat. We are talking about actual filter programming that can help you to more easily adjust and manipulate aspects of your photo. If you really want to go the extra mile in making your photo the best it can be, you could opt to outsource the retouching to freelancer marketplaces.

Making a photo crisp and sharp

There are many factors that can impact how sharp and crisp the image in your photo is. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is causing a photo to look fuzzy or blurry and not as sharp as you would like it. When using your camera try and find the focus point in the lens before clicking the button. If you are taking a picture of a person, it is essential to keep the focus point on the eye of the person.

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Pay Attention to the Lighting

One of the things that affect the quality of the photo most is the lighting. In many cases snapping a quick photo of what is happening at the moment, you will not be able to adjust the natural lighting in the photo. But if you are taking a photo of a still subject, where are you have time to adjust certain aspects, make sure to check the light and shadows that are affecting the picture as you look through the lens.

It can be fun to play around with different aspects and techniques that professionals use to help make your everyday photos a little bit better. Of course, when it comes to those really special moments like senior portraits and newborn photography, you want to make sure that you hire a professional photographer. You want to make sure that these moments are captured exactly as you hoped they will be.

Post Author: Kailyn Jay