Getting into Film Photography in 2021

Before now, film photography had several advantages over digital photography because of its higher image quality. Today’s digital images boast more than 43.5 megapixels, but that has not caused a decline in the sales of analog films and cameras. We shall find out why and also give you some valuable tips to start your journey […]

Utilizing a Flash Meter in a Photographic Studio

For what reason does utilizing a blaze meter cause such dread and anxiety with novice picture takers when they choose to utilize a photographic studio? To such an extent I am aware of folks that work with persistent lights instead of blaze in light of their dread of the feared glimmer meter. I accept a […]

5 Tips on Singing in a Recording Studio

Singing in a chronicle studio is altogether different from singing at home or before companions. So as to sing superbly in a studio you must have some unique capacities and can’t just depend on your voice alone. Given underneath are a few hints that can assist you with singing better in an account studio. • […]

Home Office Video Studio Lighting Stands

Home office video studios are quite often short on floor space. They are regularly set up in an extra room that is 10 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet down. That is around 33% of the size of an expert video studio. The legs of a run of the mill light stand open up […]

Become an Instant Artist Using Your Photography Studio

A photography studio is the reason for any picture taker to do most of their work. On the off chance that the work territory is a good workplace, at that point the picture taker can turn into a craftsman. Here a lady of the hour can turn into a princess, a senior in secondary school […]

Light, Shoot and Retouch It in a Green Screen Studio

Since the making of movies, producers did well in manufacturing a universe of imagination by consolidating live activity and special visualizations. Simultaneously, watchers are entranced and they will in general get some information about lighting, foundation and shooting materials. From The Matrix to Lord of the Rings to Sin City, exceptional techniques were done to […]